Public data including blogs, tweets, speeches, interviews, news, videos, articles and statements. If someone wanted the world to hear it — we listened.

After you enter a name in the search field, we call up that person's public online content. We take this data and apply machine learning algorithms to discover patterns and relevant insights. We breakdown topics and look for unique phrases that shed light on passions, priorities and more.

Currently, tens of thousands of investors, partners, VCs and angels. But soon you'll have access to leaders in a range of industries. If you're interested access to a particular sector, just let us know at

Our vision is to build technology to help foster a world in which people have richer and deeper connections. We hope to strengthen empathy and understanding between all people. This can lead to more efficient work and more effective communications than ever thought possible. We seek to help people find common ground, avoid land-mines and truly understand the people with whom they interact.

Shockingly, right now it's free. Yes, we know, our AI is worth an arm and a leg. But given the fact that so many people are at home right now struggling between family and work, we're putting it out free to start. Down the road, it'll be a no-brainer price that you'll enjoy paying because it saves you a lot of research time and brings you deep insights.

Each profile passes a content threshold, because not everyone is Chatty Cathy. If a name doesn't show up, go ahead and search others at their company to hopefully gain a wider perspective on their business and industry.

This long.

You read our minds. Stay tuned...

You can, but we built something that we think brings more insight in less time than anything else out there. Google returns pages of links that you then have to plow through. LinkedIn tends to be sparse and self-reported CVs. Teza is a different animal entirely. It aims to give you the full picture of someone's worldview and ideas.

We think it's like having a superpower. Understanding people is critical to building empathy and understanding, and is the first step to better business. Our AI aggregates everything you need in one place. No more opening 10 tabs. No more seeing the tip of the iceberg. No more missing critical tidbits. Instantly discover a person's mentors and heroes, books they read, passions and so much more. Use these insights to close more deals, nail your pitches, raise more money, create better connections and speak brilliantly.

Yes. AI isn't perfect (yet...give it like a year). Everything is fully automatic, so sometimes Hal won't open the pod bay doors. If you think Teza got something wrong, just email us at and a real live human will look into it immediately.

We're a group of passionate technologists and communications experts from the US, Israel, India and Nigeria. We have decades of experience at the highest levels of business, technology and government. We're always looking for talented people, so if you want to help us build the future, shoot us a line at

In Hebrew, Teza means 'thesis'. We chose this name because we think we have a pretty radical thesis on communications. We think that our understanding of the people we interact with can be massively improved with AI. This technological wave is coming and we hope to help build it. Second, everyone has their own unique thesis on the world. Usually they have many theses. These theses inform everything about their worldview — the words they use and how they understand the words they hear. Understanding each others' theses is critical to brilliant communications. Hence, the name Teza.

Yes! Let us know if you're interested in augmenting your existing databases with Teza insights. Shoot us a line at